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Councillor Dave Poyser

Councillor Dave Poyser

The Mayor of Islington 2018-19

Islington has a ceremonial mayor, elected by his or her fellow councillors to serve for a one year term in office. During that term, the Mayor represents the borough at numerous civic and public events, acting as the borough’s first citizen.

The Mayor chairs meetings of the full council. At those meetings, he or she is entitled to vote as an Islington councillor and also currently has the casting vote in the event of a tie after all councillors have voted.

The current Mayor of Islington is Councillor Dave Poyser.

Lesley Seary

Lesley Seary

Chief Executive of Islington Council

The Chief Executive leads and takes responsibility for the work of the staff that run the local authority on a day to day basis, providing over 600 local services.

As principal policy adviser, the Chief Executive ensures that central government legislation is translated and implemented locally through policy planning, reporting arrangements and strong performance management systems.

Islington Council's chief executive is Lesley Seary. Lesley joined Islington as chief executive in 2011 from Lewisham Council where she was executive director for customer services.

Councillor Richard Watts

Councillor Richard Watts

Council Leader

Richard was first elected to Islington Council in 2006.

Richard served as Executive Member for Children & Families from May 2010 and Executive Member for Finance & Performance from May 2013 until becoming Council Leader in October 2013.

He represents Tollington ward, and before becoming a full time member of the Council’s Executive, Richard ran the Children’s Food Campaign, a national campaign to improve children’s diets.

He graduated with a degree in politics from Durham University and before this worked in the Pretty Polly tights factory in Nottinghamshire.

He is a governor of City and Islington College. He is also chair of the Local Government Association’s Resources Board, representing the interests of local authorities at a national level.

How the council works

Islington residents are represented by 48 councillors, elected for a four year term. Councillors determine the policies of the council, while officers (or council staff) are employed to give advice, implement these decisions and deliver council services. Council officers are accountable to the Chief Executive.

For information about council meetings and how the council works – including decisions, elections, ward partnerships and the council’s forward plan – visit our democracy pages.

The Executive

The Leader of the Council appoints an Executive – a team of councillors with specific responsibilities.
They are:

Joe Caluori

Joe Caluori

Executive Member for Children, Young People and Families

Andy Hull

Andy Hull

Executive Member for Finance, Performance and Community Safety

Downloadable images of each of the Executive can be found in the Media Library.