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Islington commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

Islington Council will mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 with a commemorative and educational event centred on the theme of ‘don’t stand by’, with testimony from a Holocaust survivor.

The event at Highbury Grove School on 27 January will look at how each of us individually and as a community can actively work to prevent acts of cruelty, and even genocide.

Up to 200 people will hear testimony from Holocaust survivor Janine Webber, from Ratip Alsulaimen of the Syrian Education Centre about the Syrian refugee crisis, and a presentation and music from students.

The audience will join the Mayor of Islington, Cllr Richard Greening, to reaffirm their commitment to remembering acts of genocide and preventing them in the future.

Cllr Richard Watts, Leader of the Council said: “Remembering atrocities that have been driven by prejudice and difference is hugely important for any society and particularly for a borough as diverse as ours.

 “Holocaust Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember tragic historic events, including the Holocaust as well as the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides; to campaign to end current acts of cruelty wherever they are happening in the world, such as the Syrian crisis; and also to look forward and commit to building a community without prejudice of any kind.

"This is particularly true given the theme for 2016 of bystanders, which challenges all of us about how we can fail to prevent inhumanity, cruelty and genocide by not challenging abuse of authority, discrimination or violence. ”

Holocaust Memorial Day will be commemorated at Highbury Grove School on 27 January 2016 from 9.45-11.45am. Residents are welcome to attend - please confirm attendance in advance to James Blythe on or 02075276833.

For more information contact:

Chris Roe
Media Manager
020 7527 8751