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Islington women invited to become plumbers for a day

Amal tries her hand at fixing a cistern

Amal tries her hand at fixing a cistern

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Dozens of Islington women have been offered the chance to try their hand at plumbing – and potentially find themselves a new career – at a free DIY ‘taster session’ run by the council. 
The north London local authority is running a number of free, hands-on workshops in which local unemployed women can learn skills including plumbing, using drills safely, and basic electrics.
The workshops also offer participants the chance to apply for repairs apprenticeships with the council. 
On Tuesday around 12 residents took part in the first session in which they learned to master valuable plumbing skills, such as changing a tap washer and fixing a broken toilet.
Participants also met female experts from the industry, so they could learn from their experience and expertise. 
Other workshops will focus on fixing simple electrical problems, and learning about how to use drills safely on different surfaces.  
The sessions are being offered as part of a wider scheme to help local women learn new skills, save money, and potentially take it to the next level by applying for an apprenticeship in construction with Islington Council’s Repairs Team.  
The workshops are being run in partnership with the TCL Group and Wates, which contributed the tools and materials and Islington Adult Community Learning.
Leader of Islington Council, Cllr Richard Watts, said: “These sessions are a great way for residents to learn valuable new skills that can save them money, and they are also a possible gateway to an apprenticeship and a new career.
“They’re also yet another fantastic example of what we can do together, as a borough, to support local people who are unemployed and want to access high quality training and education.” 

Last year, an Islington council-led partnership helped over 1,000 previously unemployed local people into work.  

Cecelia, who took part in the session on common plumbing problems, said: "It's invaluable for women to be learning this. Many of us can't afford these things and we get ripped off. If we have a call out (for a plumber), we spend the whole day waiting, whereas now we can just pick up a tool and do our thing."

Karen, who attended the same session, said: "It's really enjoyable. I've been learning so much. I'd like to go home and change my taps to practise!"
This month’s DIY sessions are being held at the Andover Community Centre; next month they will be at the 3Corners Learning Centre. 
Sessions are on offer to women who are unemployed or receiving a low income, living in Islington, and not qualified to a level 4 NVQ or degree level.  
To find out more about the sessions or the apprenticeships, please get in touch with Charmaine Brouard via or 0207 527 4352.

For more information contact:

Eugene Grant
Senior Media Officer
0207 527 2530

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Helena repairs a leak on a stopvalve

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L-R Helena, Cecilla, and Amber take apart a toilet.JPG

L-R Helena, Cecilla, and Amber take apart a toilet

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