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Free drop-in event to help older residents spot scams

Crucial advice that could stop vulnerable and older residents from being tricked out of thousands of pounds is on offer at a free event in Islington, as it is revealed that nearly seven people per month fall victim to ‘distraction burglaries’. 
Islington Council is running a special drop-in event on how to spot scams, doorstep crime, and distraction burglaries. The event takes place at Islington Assembly Hall, Upper Street, N1, from 1.30pm to 3.30pm on Tuesday 29 March.
The event comes as part of a bid to tackle a 40 per cent rise in these types of crime in the borough, which has had the second-highest number of these incidents in London for two years running.
In 2014/15, the latest period for which data is available, there were 81 ‘distraction offences’ recorded – up from 58 the previous year.
Scams include bogus tradesmen selling goods or offering to carry out repairs to gain access to people’s homes, and cost the victim over £1,000 on average. People as old as 93 have been targeted and suspects are rarely identified.
In response, older residents and their families and carers, are invited to attend the event, which will teach people how to spot, stop, and report scams, distraction burglaries, and doorstep crime. 
Islington Council’s Director of Public Protection, Jan Hart, said: “Scams and distraction-related crimes are particularly callous as they usually target older, more vulnerable residents.

"This event will help people learn how to spot such crimes before they fall victim to them.” 
The event is a joint project with Trading Standards and community safety officers, the police, and the charity Victim Support.

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Senior Media Officer
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