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Barnsbury by-election result

Rowena Champion has been elected as Labour councillor for the Barnsbury ward following a by-election on 14 July.

The number of votes cast for the five candidates contesting the Barnsbury ward seat is as follows: 

Robert Capper - Independent - 40
Rowena Champion - Labour Party - 1,192
Bradley Hillier-Smith - Liberal Democrats - 409
Ernestas Jegorovas - Green Party - 302
Edward Waldegrave - Conservative Party - 367

There were six rejected ballots.
2,316 of the 9,110 voters registered in Barnsbury ward took part - giving a voter turnout of 25.43 per cent.

The poll was called following a vacancy arising from the resignation of ward councillor James Murray.

Polling stations at three sites were open to voters from 7am to 10pm and ballot boxes were brought to Islington Town Hall for the count.

Votes were verified and counted by a team of 12 counting assistants.

The council's chief executive and returning officer Lesley Seary declared the result shortly before 11pm on 14 July.

The council now comprises:

47 Labour councillors
1 Green Party councillor

For more information contact:

Stephen Moore
Senior Media Officer
020 7527 3224