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Islington libraries on the map for Pokémon Go hunters

Islington libraries are now offering something new to local residents – Pokémon Go supplies!
In addition to the wealth of books, magazines, and reading materials, as well as computers, audiobooks, and DVDs, the borough’s much-loved libraries now serve as ‘Pokéstops’ for Pokémon Go game players.
‘Pokéstops’ are specific locations in which players can pick up supplies like eggs, potions, and Pokéballs to be used in the game. 
Pokémon Go is a computer game in which players can walk around real-life environments and capture little virtual animals and monsters near their actual location and train them to comically fight each other. 
The Pokémon game was a huge hit in the 1990s but has seen an enormous surge in global popularity in the last few months after the new Go edition became recently available on smart phones. 
Islington libraries, in addition to serving as Pokéstops, also offer game players copies of the Pokémon Go magazine as well as Pokémon comic promotions. All libraries in the borough have free Wi-Fi. 
Islington Council’s executive member for economic development, Cllr Asima Shaikh, said: “We’re very excited that our libraries are now on the Pokémon map. 
“We think anything that helps to get our children and young people into our libraries, where they also have access to such a rich range of books, comics, magazines, and much, much more, is a very good thing.” 

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