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Align apprenticeship recruitment with academic year, says Islington Council

Islington Council is calling for apprenticeship recruitment to follow the same timeline as applications for college and university in order to help achieve a parity of esteem between academic and vocational education. 
Aligning recruitment with the academic year would leave students in a better position to consider both academic and work-based options equally, at the same time, and could challenge perceptions of apprenticeships as a ‘Plan B’ for young people who do not progress into higher education. 
Providing young people with a smooth transition onto the next step of their career path would also be of benefit to employers by allowing them access to a wider pool of talent, the council suggests.  
The move comes as eleven new apprentices, aged 16 to 33, began work with Islington’s Housing Repairs team – as electricians, plumbers, and more – based at the council’s offices in Brewery Road.
Two other young people have also begun new roles, in line with the academic year, in commercial property development and civil engineering.
A number of the new entrants previously completed traineeships with Islington Council, while others attended taster courses provided to local schools. Another entrant applied for an apprenticeship after successfully completing a number of the free DIY courses for unemployed women, facilitated by the north London local authority earlier this year.  
Islington Council’s executive member for economic development, Cllr Asima Shaikh, said: “We owe it to our young people to make sure they get the support they need to capably and confidently pursue their ambitions and get the careers they deserve. 
“There have long since been countless calls to push for a parity of esteem between vocational and academic education for our young people.
“Aligning apprenticeship recruitment with the academic year is significant step towards this as it provides talented youngsters with a smooth step up, straightaway, to the next rung on their chosen career ladder, instead of a break in the process delaying their progress.
“Congratulations to all our new apprentices starting with us this September – a fantastic achievement – and I look forward to following their development.” 
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