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Statement - Fabric

A spokesperson for Islington Council said:
“The Metropolitan Police applied for a review of Fabric’s licence after the deaths of two 18-year-olds at the club in June and August.  This came after a previous licence review in 2014, following four deaths.
“Islington Council’s licensing sub-committee heard evidence that both 18-year-olds who died this summer had taken MDMA in Fabric, and had bought the drugs in Fabric.
“The sub-committee also heard evidence that on both occasions the young men who died and their friends were able to conceal drugs on their person and get through the search and entry system, and that people entering the club were inadequately searched.  
“Existing conditions on Fabric’s licence to prevent serious crime have not been observed. A culture of drug use exists at the club which the existing management and security appears incapable of controlling.
“The problems seen during the 2014 review of Fabric’s licence have not been adequately addressed, which has resulted in further tragedy and crime.
“In light of all the circumstances, the sub-committee decided that revocation was both appropriate and proportionate.”
The interim steps suspending Fabric’s licence remain in place pending any final determination of any appeal.