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Crackdown on fly-tipping as Islington issues fixed penalty notices

Islington Council has handed out four fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping in an ongoing crackdown on environmental crime.
The first was issued after cans of cooking oil were dumped in St Albans Place, Angel.  After being alerted by a local business, Business Improvement District contacted the council, which used CCTV to help identify the owner of a van used in the fly-tipping.
Two other Fixed Penalty Notices were issued relating to builders' waste left in Berry Street, EC1.  This came after an investigation by council officers, who issued the penalty notices.
A fourth was issued after waste from a building refurbishment was fly-tipped near Chapel Market.
All four £400 fixed penalty notices, which are reduced to £200 if settled within 10 days, were issued this month and have been paid.
Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington Council's executive member for environment and transport, said: "Most people who live and work in Islington take great pride in our borough.
"However, fly-tipping, which is selfish, unsightly, and dangerous, is still a problem. Islington deserves better and that's why we became one of the first places in the country to issue fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping.
"These fixed penalty notices clearly show fly-tipping in Islington risks swift action and a hefty on-the-spot fine."
Speaking of the incident in Angel, Christine Lovett, chief executive of, said: "This fine very clearly sends out a message that we will not tolerate dumping or fly-tipping at the Angel. Businesses can have confidence that when they report things, we take them seriously and deal with it. The regular dumping of full oil cans was the scourge of businesses behind Upper Street for a year. 
"Working closely with Islington Council, police team and the council's CCTV operators has achieved so much. Even if criminals are outside of the Angel, our CCTV enables us to pursue and prosecute them."
FPNs are one of a number of ways that Islington Council tackles fly-tipping. Others include educational programmes, and high visibility and covert patrols.
In serious and persistent cases of fly-tipping the council will continue to take court action, where appropriate, which can result in much bigger fines.
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