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Action over visitor voucher misuse on Arsenal match days

Islington Council has taken action against two people who sold parking visitor vouchers for profit on Arsenal match days - and warns it will take similar steps if others misuse the scheme.

Visitor vouchers are available for Islington residents who need a parking space near their homes for friends, family or tradespeople.  

However a small number of people have misused the scheme by buying visitor vouchers and selling them for profit.  This has been an issue especially around Emirates stadium on match days.

An investigation by Islington Council revealed two residents were selling on vouchers in Ambler Road on match days.  The council has now stopped selling visitor vouchers to the two residents.

The council has warned it will take similar steps against others who sell on visitor vouchers for profit, and has invited residents to let them know of other people who are selling on visitor vouchers.

As a longer-term anti-fraud measure Islington Council will also this year pilot an electronic "e-voucher" system which will make it harder for people to misuse the system.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, Islington Council's executive member for environment and transport, said: "Islington's visitor vouchers are there to help residents who occasionally need a parking space near their home - for example for friends, family or a tradesman's van. The vast majority of local residents use them in this way.

"However a small number of people have been buying large numbers of vouchers and selling them on for profit.  This has been a particular issue around Emirates stadium, where vouchers have been sold on to Arsenal fans travelling in on match days.

"This is entirely against the spirit of visitor vouchers and also against the council's goal of promoting walking, cycling and public transport.  We have now stopped selling vouchers to two people who were selling on visitor vouchers for profit, and will take similar action against others who do the same."

If you have information about visitor vouchers being sold on for profit please contact

For more information contact:

Chris Roe
Media Manager
020 7527 8751