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Road safety improvements unveiled in Highbury

Cllr Webbe on the new zebra crossing with ward councillors and members of Living Streets

Cllr Webbe on the new zebra crossing with ward councillors and members of Living Streets

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Road safety improvements including a remodelled bus stand and new zebra crossing have been unveiled in Highbury to protect pedestrians at a busy junction with turning buses.

The bus stand in Highbury Hill, outside Christ Church Highbury, was causing concern as some buses were over-running the pavement while turning in from Leigh Road, and it was becoming heavily used as extra services were terminating there.

Furthermore, when multiple buses were at the stand, some vehicles turning onto Highbury Hill from Leigh Road were passing them on the wrong side of the traffic island, into oncoming traffic.

In response, the pavement has been built out and the traffic island removed so buses can more easily and safely turn without mounting the kerb.

A zebra crossing has also been installed at Leigh Road to offer pedestrians extra protection from the traffic, addressing an issue raised by campaigners including Living Streets and local ward councillors.

Cllr Claudia Webbe, executive member for environment and transport, said: “I echoed the concerns of residents about the safety of this area, and called on our engineers to look at how best to make improvements.

“Many pedestrians, including children, navigate this junction on their way to work, school, nursery, the church and the shops of Highbury Barn.

“I am pleased to see the work has paid off. The improvements to the bus stand and the new zebra crossing now make this complicated area more pedestrian-friendly, safer and more enjoyable for all.”

The issue became more pressing after Transport for London extended the 263 bus service in 2014, terminating it at Highbury Barn. While this helped improve public transport connections to Holloway and beyond for people nearby, the extra bus movements also meant pedestrians felt less safe navigating the area around the clock tower at Highbury Hill, and crossing Leigh Road.

The new layout makes it a place for people, improving safety by stopping buses mounting the kerb, limiting the number using the bus stand and stopping the need for drivers to use the wrong side of the road when navigating around parked-up buses. TfL has also been notified that it needs to manage usage of the bus stand in future.

The new zebra crossing has been installed in Leigh Road to further improve safety for those walking to and from Highbury Fields, Christ Church Highbury and its nursery, the shops and businesses of Highbury Barn, and Highbury Fields School. Traffic can approach from multiple directions and new road markings and belisha beacons will help make the crossing as safe as possible.

Cyclists’ lobby group Cycle Islington gave their blessing to the design as part of the public consultation, in which more than four out of five people backed the plans. No parking bays have been lost due to the improvements.

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Cllr Webbe on the new zebra crossing with Cllr Russell and Living Streets' David Harrison

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