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Islington signs partnership with charity to boost civic pride and tackle littering

Youngsters (from left) Luke, Violet and Dylan help pick litter with George Monck and Sarah Hayes of CleanupUK, and Cllr Claudia Webbe

Youngsters (from left) Luke, Violet and Dylan help pick litter with George Monck and Sarah Hayes of CleanupUK, and Cllr Claudia Webbe

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Islington Council’s month-long Spring Clean has spruced up the borough ready for the longer days and better weather ahead. As a result of this success, Islington has joined forces with a national anti-littering charity, launching a grass-roots movement that will boost civic pride and help keep our streets cleaner and brighter than ever before. 

The new partnership, with charity CleanupUK, will nurture volunteer-led community clean-up events across the borough, particularly in the busiest and most problematic areas.

The charity’s Beautiful Boroughs Project will reach out to community and residents groups and support them in creating volunteer teams across Islington who care about their community and are keen to improve it – whether it’s targeting an estate, a park, a street or wherever litter is an issue. Tea and cake are often involved, too!

Cllr Claudia Webbe, the council’s executive member for environment and transport, said: “I am very pleased to welcome CleanupUK’s Beautiful Boroughs Project to Islington and look forward to working with them to build on the love we all have for our neighbourhoods.

“As well as these groups helping us cut down on unsightly rubbish, evidence shows that cleaner areas make people feel safer and happier too.

"As Islington's Spring Clean month has proved, getting out and about with a common cause forges new friendships and cultivates a greater sense of community, responsibility and civic pride. It connects people to their neighbourhoods, and that is always a good thing.

"Most of us know of a spot nearby that tends to be a magnet for litter. Together we can make a difference.”

The aim is for the litter-picks to become regular, sustainable events led by local people who want to make a difference and take ownership and responsibility for their local community.

George Monck, chief executive for CleanupUK, said: “The Beautiful Boroughs Project brings communities together, helping them feel safer and more connected. We are delighted to have Islington on board!”

If you live in Islington and would like to discuss setting up a community clean-up group in your neighbourhood, please contact Sarah Hayes on 07469 660 842 or email

Meanwhile, council teams and volunteers have been going the extra mile in recent weeks as part of the Islington Spring Clean campaign, rolling up their sleeves and deep-cleaning our streets. Town centres in Nag’s Head, Archway, Finsbury Park and Caledonian Road were hives of activity. Across the borough our dedicated teams swept 45 miles of streets, jet-washed 12 miles of pavement and 205 litter bins, removed 123 pieces of graffiti and 48 fly-posters, and investigated and cleared 35 fly-tips

During the extra monitoring officers issued almost 100 fixed penalty notices for fly-tipping, littering and dumping waste illegally – 47 in the Finsbury Park area, 31 in the Nag’s Head area of Holloway, and 15 in the Junction Road area of Archway.

For more information contact:

Stephen Moore
Senior Media Officer
020 7527 3224

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Youngsters (from left) Luke, Dylan and Milan help pick litter with George Monck and Sarah Hayes of CleanupUK, Cllr Claudia Webbe and Ayni from Royal Mail Childsplay Nursery

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