A bright future for Platform

We’re strongly committed to giving Islington’s young people the best possible start in life, including excellent services for young people at Platform hub and across the borough.  Platform is a brilliant place for our young people and we are completely committed to its future.  

We’d like to explain more about what’s happening at Platform, as we begin to deliver new youth services (also known as universal youth offer) that the young people of Islington worked with Islington Council to design.  The council is investing an extra £500,000 into the offer, and has protected youth services for many years, at a time when many councils have had to cut back on youth services.

Firstly and very importantly, we'd like to reassure everyone that there will be a continued youth service at Platform, with doors opening up on January 11th after the Christmas break. We understand that the change of some staff members may cause some anxiety, but there is a team of experienced youth providers that is very much looking forward to working with the young people who currently access Platform, as well as with young people who may not currently access Platform and its services. 

The new providers are Fourth Monkey Education, Beyond The Box Consultants CIC and Brandon Centre, who responded to Islington’s new universal youth offer with a bold new approach, one that has been successful across many other London boroughs, one that puts young people at the centre of designing the programmes, projects and services that young people want to see. 

In addition, the youth providers have committed to providing youth activities throughout the year. These include (but are not limited to) access to creative careers programmes, creative workshops, training opportunities, mentoring opportunities, work experience, creative and cultural programmes, sexual health and mental health support services, paid researcher roles for young people to design the new youth programmes at Platform, and a connected service that seeks to work with youth workers, local communities and other youth services across Islington, and much more.    

The team is keen to meet all young people who are accessing youth services at Platform throughout January, as we transition from one provider to another, so the new providers can hear the hopes, fears and aspirations and ideas that young people have. 

Join them on either of the following days and times at Platform (Covid permitting) for a meet and greet event where the team will be looking to hear the aspirations for Platform as we enter 2022.

  • Tuesday 11th - 6pm - 8pm 
  • Saturday 15th - 1pm - 3pm 

There is no need to book or register, just turn up at one of the times above. The team look forward to meeting with the young people that are the heartbeat of Platform.

Beginning to deliver the new universal youth offer may require a new approach that means there will be some changes, but we want young people to tell us what this change should look like as we head into 2022, and we want to assure young people they will be supported throughout this process. 

The new providers have been working hard and with speed since being awarded the contract several weeks ago, and we are working with the current provider to ensure vital information is shared with the new providers, so we can ensure appropriate safeguarding and care to all young people who access Platform. 

To reassure you once again, any young person who currently accesses Platform will be able to continue to do so.  Platform has a very bright future, with young people at its very heart, and we look forward to a brilliant 2022 together.

A joint statement from Islington Council and Fourth Monkey Education

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