25 May 2018

Cllr Dave Poyser is Islington’s Mayor for 2018-19

Cllr Dave Poyser was sworn in as Islington’s Mayor for 2018-19 at Islington’s Annual Council meeting yesterday (Thurs, 24 May.)

Cllr Poyser came to Islington in 1979 as a postgraduate journalism student at the City University. He worked as a reporter on the Hackney Gazette reporting on Islington and Hackney Councils, before moving on to a successful career in television.

Since then he has lived in Mildmay, Highbury, Finsbury Park and other parts of Islington North. David has been an Islington councillor since 2014, and his wife, Emma Barker, will be his mayoral consort.

Cllr Rakhia Ismail has been appointed Deputy Mayor.

Each Mayor chooses specific charities to support and raise funds for throughout his or her year of office. Cllr Poyser’s charities will be CARIS Islington, and Freightliners Farm. CARIS is a community service offering cold weather night shelters and support for homeless people. Freightliners Farm is a city farm providing educational activities for children as well as volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities, mental health issues and those experiencing loss or isolation.

Cllr Poyser said:

“I have been volunteering overnight with the homeless in the CARIS night shelters, first in Christ Church in Highbury and more recently in St. Andrews Church in Hillrise, in my own Ward. Any funding the Mayor’s Charity can raise will help the homeless have money to travel to job interviews, and we could also fund a pack lunch.

“I have been going to Freightliners, my local city farm, as a parent for many years now, and I have also helped them as a councillor in any way I can (whether it's going on a sponsored run dressed as a cow, or helping with trustees). They are brilliantly led, and they integrate themselves with all sorts of community projects literally in a ‘grass roots’ way. Freightliners have been badly hit by government cuts and short-term funding will give them an injection that enables them to set up projects that bring in money.

“I’m delighted to have been appointed by my fellow Councillors. The outgoing mayor, Cllr Una O’Halloran, has been exceptional, and if I am half as good as her as mayor, I will be very proud.

"I have loved Islington and its creative atmosphere since I first drifted into the Borough back in 1979. It has a huge social and ethnic mix and I want to do all I can as Mayor to continue its tradition of acting as a single community. As Deputy Mayor for the last year, I have seen all the good done by Islington’s many excellent charities that help give us our wonderful sense of community.”

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