Former bookie’s is a good bet for Archway art exhibition

A group of Archway artists is onto a winner - with an exhibition of work in a disused bookmakers.

Members of the Girdlestone Third Age Arts group are hosting the exhibition a stone’s throw from their homes on the Girdlestone Estate, where they meet once a week to work with renowned artist Darren Marshall.

During the sessions, residents are encouraged to explore unusual ways of expressing themselves. In one class they were asked to create artwork based on the music of metal band Napalm Death and electro-pop duo Daft Punk.

Darren, whose own work has won widespread critical acclaim, said: “We have around 20 residents who come along very week and others that come when they can.

“The reason I want to keep being involved in this project is because it is really unique. It isn’t about exams and they bring a wealth of life experience which translates into really interesting art.”

Long-standing member of the group Roy York is the current Pearly King of Smithfield Market. His work, featuring marionettes, is among the exhibits on display. Roy, who has completed 10 marathons – one in full Pearly King garb – still raises hundreds of pounds for hospitals and charities every year.

He said: “It is a really good group because we are allowed to bring our own ideas in  - our own take on each project. As a Pearly King I do all sorts of events and it is very important to me and a special privilege.”

The Girdlestone Third Age Arts group is co-funded by Islington Council and Cripplegate.

The exhibition was intended as a one off but the owners of the temporary gallery in Junction Road, Archway next to the FAD’s Community Café, have agreed to let the exhibition run until July.






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