Islington prepares to welcome Syrian refugees

Islington is making final preparations to welcome five Syrian households that are coming to the borough in mid-December - after fleeing civil war and terrorism at home.
Islington Council is working with the charity Refugee Action to support the families and help them to adapt to life in London via a two-week orientation programme of practical tips such as how to register with a GP, use an Oyster card, and buy groceries.

The refugees will also receive a year’s assistance from a support worker from the council’s ‘Families First’ service.
Refugee Action, alongside Islington Refugee Forum, will be coordinating specialist support such as English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL), interpreting services, and counselling.
Leader of Islington Council, Cllr Richard Watts, said: “Since the refugee crisis began, Islington has said it’s ready to help welcome those who are fleeing appalling conditions, including war and terrorism.
“We’re now making preparations for the arrival of Syrian families to our borough, and I look forward to welcoming them into our community. 
“I’d also like to thank the many people in Islington who have stepped forward to help refugees in different ways, from donating tents and warm clothing to even helping with aid runs to Calais.”
The refugees will be housed in private-rented accommodation. 
Cllr Watts added: “We’re extremely grateful to Islington residents who have offered to help house refugees. If any more local landlords want to help and would like to offer a property to a family in need please get in touch with us.” 

Stephen Hale, Chief Executive at Refugee Action, said: "This is a proud moment for people in Islington and we are delighted to be working with the council to welcome and resettle Syrian refugees.

“Building on Refugee Action's 30 years' experience of delivering successful resettlement programmes, we look forward to working closely with the council and the people of Islington to help these refugees rebuild their lives with dignity and integrate with their local community."
Islington landlords interested in helping Syrian refugees should get in touch with Ian Tagg via or 0207 527 6078.

Notes to editors

Britain has committed to welcoming 20,000 Syrian refugees over the course of this parliament, including a target of 1,000 refugees before Christmas 2015. 

Security and vetting
​All refugees undergo a Home Office-backed thorough, two-stage security vetting process, including the taking of biometrics, documentary evidence, and interviews. The Home Office retains the right to reject individuals on security or other grounds, including where there is insufficient information to undertake effective screening.

Media interviews
Please note Islington Council cannot offer media interviews with Syrian families.

Contact information

If you are a member of the public with a general question about the council please view the contact information on our website or call 020 7527 2000.