A picture of the mini-roundabout on Southgate Road

Local people shape major improvements to Southgate Road

Local people have helped to shape major planned improvements to Southgate Road, to help create a greener, healthier borough where all can enjoy more welcoming streets.   

Following feedback from 699 residents during a public consultation that ran in Spring 2023, Islington and Hackney Councils are now set to make a series of changes to help make it easier to walk, cycle, and wheel, and to create more green spaces for all to enjoy. The changes include:

  • Improving safety by removing the existing mini-roundabout at the Northchurch Road and Southgate Road junction, and replacing it with a new parallel crossing for walking and cycling. Upgraded street lighting will help to illuminate the new crossing.    
  • Relocating an existing zebra crossing 30 metres south, to make it more convenient for people to access shops and other amenities.    
  • Transforming the area into a green haven by creating around 37.5 square metres of new planting.    
  • Widening footpaths on Southgate Road and Northchurch Road, to make it easier for everyone, especially disabled people, to travel around the area.     
  • Introducing 22 new cycle parking spaces.     

The improvements in the area will effectively connect two low-traffic areas – the De Beauvoir neighbourhood in Hackney and the Canonbury East low-traffic neighbourhood in Islington. Both neighbourhoods have already been successful in making it easier for all to travel, and these improvements will further boost safety and support active travel.    

To help make these exciting changes possible, and to support more people to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits of activity, the councils are creating a new traffic restriction which stops vehicles turning in and out of Northchurch Road.     

During the public consultation, 61% of the respondents said that the changes would make it easier for them to walk, cycle, or wheel (28% disagreed), while 47% said the changes would encourage them to walk, cycle, or wheel more (37% disagreed).     

Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington’s Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality, and Transport, said: “We’re working hand-in-hand with local people to create a greener, healthier more equal Islington where everyone can fulfil their potential.    

“The changes we’re making in Southgate Road are part of our wider efforts to transform streets to support local people to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of being active, to reduce the health risks associated with air pollution, and to create pleasant green spaces that all can enjoy.    

“We know that this is already a vibrant area, and these exciting changes, which have been shaped by feedback from the community, will help to further it enhance it.”   

Cllr Mete Coban MBE, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Environment and Transport, said: “It’s great to see these changes to make Southgate Road - which borders Hackney and Islington - greener and healthier.

"They’ve been informed by local people and will help people walk, wheel or cycle between our two fantastic boroughs.”

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