Lough Road Centre for disabled children

Islington Council will continue to use the Lough Road Centre to provide key services for local disabled children and their families.
The decision comes after months of work – between the council, parents, and staff – to produce new plans for the centre’s daytime and outreach services.
Lough Road staff will continue to ensure that those families who receive social care support have their plans regularly reviewed to ensure this support still meets their children’s needs.
The centre will also provide a base for a future ‘outreach’ support service, aimed at helping parents – who may be struggling with their child’s complex needs and challenging behaviour – in their own home and in the local community.
Under the proposals, the centre will no longer provide overnight short breaks.
Over the years, more and more parents, who are eligible for respite care, have instead moved to the council’s family-based short breaks fostering service, choosing a family-based environment to a residential care setting as more families have become available. 
The council has also increasingly supported parents to utilise their own family networks to enable them to have an overnight break in caring and this has included financial support where appropriate.
Currently, two young people use Lough Road Centre’s overnight short breaks service. The overnight short breaks service will not close until new arrangements have been made with remaining young people, to ensure continuity of care and minimal disruption.
Islington Council’s executive member for children and families, Cllr Joe Caluori, said: “I’d like to thank everyone, especially parents, who have taken the time to work with us to help us to understand how the Lough Road Centre can continue to best meet the needs of those who use its services.
“We have a clear future for the centre, and will continue to work closely with parents on the changes to its services, especially to minimise any disruption.
“This decision, and the work preceding it, has not been taken lightly and I really appreciate the input and patience from all the staff and parents during this time.” 

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