Solar powered toy cars help Islington's innovative efforts to reduce carbon footprint: Children from Three Corners Adventure Playground with solar powered toy cars

24 Apr 2019

Solar powered toy cars help Islington's innovative efforts to reduce carbon footprint

Islington Council's Community Energy Fund has helped a local adventure playground and parents to create a sustainable outdoor summer house and build solar-powered toy cars.

The money awarded to Three Corners adventure playground based in Clerkenwell enabled them to collaborate with Eco Games who provided educational classes about electricity and volunteers and parents built their own solar panels. Outside entertainment is now powered solely through solar energy after volunteers installed the panels on the playground's summer house.

Other schemes that were successful last year included a local housing cooperative's bid to become energy self-sufficient. Alongside an Islington church that cut their energy bills and installed heat panels that keeps spaces warm for community and play groups.

Islington Council believes that some of the best ideas and innovations for tackling energy efficiency and fuel poverty will come from communities themselves and thus has recently opened a fourth round of bidding to commission new initiatives that reduce carbon use and help residents achieve lower fuel bills. The council is encouraging associations, community groups, charitable bodies and / or voluntary organisations to apply for funding to help turn their bright ideas for dynamic local energy projects into reality.

The scheme which has been extended until 2021 aims to reduce carbon consumption and tackle fuel poverty. This latest round of funding will see over £350,000 given to successful applicants, with individual projects able to access up to £30,000 each, double the allocation in the previous rounds to encourage larger and more ambitious projects.

Islington Council's Corporate Director of Environment and Regeneration, Kevin O'Leary said "It's wonderful to be able to see the direct benefit that the Community Energy Fund has brought to groups and residents in the borough."

"The Three Corners Adventure Playground is a real success story of local innovation and educating the next generation on the importance of renewable power. The main reason we launched the Islington Community Energy Fund was to address both fuel poverty and reduce the carbon footprint of the borough."

"This fourth round of funding will help even more people to get sustainable and innovative projects off the ground, help more community spaces and groups to produce their own energy and ultimately work towards a cleaner and more affordable Islington."

Further information on the fund, briefings and application forms can be found at or by contacting the Islington Council energy advice team at



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