15 Oct 2018

Statement - Wireless Festival

Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz, Islington Council’s executive member for licensing, said: “We have previously expressed significant concerns about the way that Wireless Festival has been managed, and the considerable negative impact it has had on our residents’ lives. 

“The licence holders have now agreed a set of new conditions and undertakings for future festivals that we believe will directly address issues for Islington residents around noise, anti-social behaviour, crime, traffic and parking, security provision and access.

“Following careful consideration, we are satisfied with these conditions, if implemented in full. Given these concessions have been made we feel that the situation has moved forward far enough not to proceed with our representation at this stage.  

“It’s great that Wireless is an event with international artists which attracts so many young people.  However it does need to be organised and managed well.  We are committed to working with the licence holder on this in the future. We will closely monitor the full implementation of these measures for future festivals and events in the park.”

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