23 Dec 2015

Traffic wardens put the brakes on phone snatcher

Two of Islington’s traffic wardens - also known as Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) - have been nominated for an award after they helped to catch a phone-snatching thief.

One warden was conducting a routine check on Anson Road on December 15 when the thief, riding a bicycle, seized a mobile phone from the hands of a member of the public.

Seeing the robber disappear down Huddleston Road, the quick-thinking CEO rang a colleague, who was in the immediate vicinity and able to give chase, along with another member of the public.

The first warden then alerted the authorities to the theft before catching up with his colleague who, with the help of the member of the public, had cornered the suspect, blocking off his escape until the police arrived and arrested him.

Both CEOs, who do not want to be named, operate as ‘mobile CEOs', patrolling the borough on mopeds.  They have provided statements to the police in aid of a criminal investigation.

Islington Council’s executive member for community safety, Cllr Paul Convery, said: “I would like to commend these two wardens for both their courage and dedication in going well beyond the call of duty.

“Phone snatching is a problem in parts of Islington and their actions send a clear signal that we, as a community, will not tolerate crime and anti-social behaviour.”

Nigel Willis, contract account manager for NSL, who work in partnership with the council, said: "We are proud of the way our colleagues have acted and this highlights the great work our teams deliver for the council.  They are real ambassadors and play their part in creating a positive experience for citizens."

Both CEOs, who work for NSL, have been nominated for an internal service award, in recognition of their exceptional work.

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