Youth Council meet with Islington Mayor and Council's CEO: Deputy Young Mayor Abubakar Finiin, Y Cllr Crystal Thoms, Mayor Cllr Dave Poyser, Y Mayor Honey Baker, Y Cllr Tsedenia Asrress, Y Cllr Lydia Banjo, Y Cllr Arkan Ali Aqiil, Y Cllr Ayaan Abdulle and Y Cllr Jackie Appiah-Kubi

19 Dec 2018

Youth Council meet with Islington Mayor and Council's CEO

Youth councillors had a joint meeting in the Mayor’s Parlour at Islington Town Hall on Monday 17 December with Islington Mayor Dave Poyser and Chief Executive Lesley Seary.

The meeting provided the Youth councillors with an opportunity to discuss the progress they are making with their priorities. Youth Council is the voice of young people in Islington and influence the policy and the money spent on young people. They also campaign on issues that concern young people, this year their main priorities are:

  • #StayingSafe includes working with council leaders to promote Islington’s Youth Crime Plan, challenging negative views about young people and staying safe on line and in the community.
  • #OurFreetime which promotes opportunities for young people to socialise, making sure young people can access community spaces and promoting youth hubs and clubs. 
  • #BeingHealthy promotes physical activities and accessible mental health services that meet the needs of young people. 
  • #FutureReady advocates for apprenticeship and employment opportunities and creating real opportunities for young people to get involved in decision making.

Talking after the meeting, Islington Council’s Chief Executive Lesley Seary said: “We had a great time – listening to the youth council sharing the issues facing young people in Islington as well as having some festive fun as the youth councillors tried on the robes and mayoral hats for size!”

Islington Young Mayor Honey Baker remarked: “It’s great that Islington Mayor and Chief Executive make time to meet with the Youth Councillors.

“It was really good that they shared their experiences of local government. It was also good to get some hints and tips from Mayor Poyser on campaigning for change.”

Mayor of Islington Cllr Dave Poyser said: “If this is the next generation of Islington’s politicians, then the Borough is in great hands.

“The importance of our youth councillors being democratically elected cannot be underestimated. We do not want a cynical or apathetic next generation, regardless of political party Islington has always punched above its weight, and it seems this will continue with the next generation.

“Huge thanks to Honey and the Youth Councillors for giving up your time for the rest of Islington’s youth.”

To find out more about Islington’s Youth Council and its representatives visit the Youth Council pages.  You can also follow the Youth Council on Twitter @IslingtonYC

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