Local people enjoying a pocket park. Two people are sitting on a bench, and another is walking past.

Your chance to shape greener, healthier, more welcoming streets in Mildmay

Islington Council is set to reimagine streets in Mildmay to create more inviting, inclusive, and environmentally-friendly spaces for all – and local people are being invited to have their say.   

Earlier this year, the council outlined its bold ambition to work directly with local people to create a network of “liveable neighbourhoods”, which include improvements such as new green spaces, improved pavements, and measures to make it easier for all to travel.     

Over the past two years, the council has worked directly with local people, groups, and businesses on plans to create Islington’s first liveable neighbourhood in Mildmay, to unlock the potential of the area as a green haven, to boost health and wellbeing, and to bring people together.      

Having listened carefully to feedback received in 470 survey responses and at resident events, the council has today unveiled its proposals for the Mildmay Liveable Neighbourhood, including:     

  • Creating a new, biodiverse public space on King Henry’s Walk, to provide a new area for people to come together.
  • Improving the area for children and young people, including through major improvements around Newington Green Primary School, St Jude & St Paul Primary School, and the Children’s House School.     
  • Boosting air quality and improving safety by introducing new traffic filters, which will make it easier to walk, cycle, and use buggies and wheelchairs. These would include exemptions for certain vehicles including Blue Badge holders living within the neighbourhood, people living outside the area with a special exemption, and special educational needs transport.     
  • New improvements around Newington Green, on Boleyn Road, the Mayville Estate, and Mildmay Park to make it easier for all to travel, including significant improvements to make pavements more accessible for all. 

All of Islington’s liveable neighbourhoods will be shaped by local people, businesses, and groups, and that’s why a public consultation on the proposals has launched today (Monday, 11 September). Between now and the close of the consultation on Sunday, 8 October, the council is inviting people to find out more about the council’s proposals and provide feedback, including by joining an online or in-person event.

Cllr Rowena Champion, Islington Council’s Executive Member for Environment, Air Quality, and Transport, said: “Our mission to create a more equal future for Islington is at the heart of everything we do, and we’re determined to ensure that local people can enjoy healthy, independent lives in green, welcoming communities.      

“Our liveable neighbourhoods are key to that vision. They are crucial in our efforts to unlock the huge potential of Islington’s streets and to support the health and wellbeing of local people. Building on the success of our seven low-traffic neighbourhoods, we want our liveable neighbourhoods to be spaces where children can play, where people can sit in green spaces and chat, and where it’s easier for everyone to travel.      

“Over the past two years, we’ve been working with local people, groups, and businesses in Mildmay to understand how we can improve the area – and we’ve listened to and have reflected your ideas in our proposals. All our liveable neighbourhoods will be shaped by local people, and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the proposals.”       

Depending on the feedback received, it’s anticipated that the Mildmay Liveable Neighbourhood will be introduced in early 2024.      

In introducing liveable neighbourhoods, the council is looking to build on the huge success of its seven low-traffic neighbourhoods, 35 School Streets, and network of cycleways. The council’s efforts to transform its streets has coincided with a borough-wide fall in air pollution, and Islington has ranked as the top-performing inner-London borough for action to create healthier streets three years in a row.      

As well as consulting on the Mildmay Liveable Neighbourhood, the council is also engaging with local people to hear their ideas on schemes in the Cally, Barnsbury & Laycock, and Bunhill South & Barbican, and plans are in place to do the same in Annette Road, Dartmouth Park Hill, St John’s, and Tufnell Park. As with Mildmay, local people will shape these neighbourhoods and will be extensively consulted before their introduction.     

Contact information

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